"Fashions fade but Style is Eternal" ,very aptly said by Yves Saint Lauren. The quality of wearing the simplest or even the most controversial clothing yet be confident and upfront about it is something that defines style. It is something close to what Rachael Zoe said," Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".

    Having said that here are the Top 10 Stylish Divas and the reasons behind why they are the most sought after celebrities.

1 # Kate Middleton
Our Duchess of  Cambridge known for her sophisticated and chic dressing style also made it to the list of 2012 Best Dressed Women by Vanity Fair, Style issue. She is our top most choice for the best stylish women of 2012.

2 # Cheryl Cole
An English recording artist, a song writer, dancer, model and a 'Fashionista' termed by the press, Cheryl Cole is all about chic and style. Her bounteous nature and glamorous avatar was highlighted when she adorned the title of a winning judge in a reality show  X – Factor for 2 years in a row. 

3 # Kristen Stewart
This American actress best known as Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga, is someone who can proudly flaunt the saying, " I don't do fashion, I am fashion"- Coco Channel. Best known for her bold dressing and hair styles this girl has style running through her blood.

4 # Mila Kunis
Actress Mila Kunis also known as the face of Miss Dior handbags. She has it all to make it to the list of style stacks. From tailored suits to glamorous gowns Mila surely knows what fashion is all about.

5 # Kate Moss
An English Model known for being the 2nd highest paid models by Forbes magazine, is a treat to watch for fashion industry.Known for her waifish figure and her role in size zero fashion, Kate Moss undoubtedly is one of the most idolized style icons.

6 # Emma Watson
22 year old Emma Watson was voted as Britain's 'Most Stylish Woman' by 'Glamour Magazine'.  The Harry Potter actress has beaten Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham in this race. Glamour magazine says her short pixie hair cut and her Burberry campaigns have led to her increasing popularity and fame. She re-ignites the love for classic trench. 

7 #  Rihanna
A pop singer by profession, yet a style icon for many. This pop diva is known for experimenting with the hair and over all looks. Our ebony skin girl can surely pull off any desirable look.

8 # Sienna Miller
Known for her wearbale wardrobe and her Boho trend back in early 2000's, Miller still remains the favourite for fashion industry.

9 #  Ashley Greene
Twilight actress and a former model, Ashley has found her place in the top 10 Stylish women. She was also awarded The Style Icon Award at the Hollywood Life's Young Hollywood Awards in the year 2010.

10 #  Victoria Beckham
Known for her fashion brands and size zero figure, Victoria Beckham continues to be among the top stylish women for years together.

This list does not endorse any particular celebrity. The ranking is solely based on the popularity factor. 
Lastly , the most important fact,
'Fashion is what you are offered 4 times a year, but Style is what you pick out of that fashion.'
So make your choices and define your own style statement.