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Hilarious Wedding Pranks!
Sep 23 2013 
Posted by 
Deepthi Pasala at 
2:25 AM
Laughter is a part of our lives and these days’ people tend to smile less. Too busy with our works, too busy with family and too busy to ride the success! We are so caught up in the rat race that we are forgetting to enjoy small moments in life.

The most important moment of our life is marriage. Wedding is filled with lot of emotions. Everyone involved are too hyper and most of the times they lay the platform for numerous funny situations. Weddings are a hotchpotch of people playing pranks, lot of goofy smiles, silly dances, teasing, overall it is a very fun filled occasion.

Time to just sit back and laugh our hearts out.. Here are some hilarious moments with features bride and groom!
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Sep 23 2013   2:25 am
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